Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project 2012/2013 Update

Well, many of you have noticed I have not posted in a while, nor have you seen me out on the trails! Unfortunately this has all been intentional, I guess a forced sabbatical from running, as I have been on a mission to finish a career development goal of completing my CPA license, which has proven to be very difficult while juggling life's events and responsibilities. So, no injuries, no change of passion, just currently focused on my mission to complete the CPA!  2012 was a very busy year full of working many hours and traveling long distances for this traveling auditor. I am definitely chomping at the bit, ready to get out and run again! Here's to 2013 and to passing all of my CPA exams and obtaining my license :)

For some good ole public accounting busy season humor, here is a picture I made of what I have been up to lately. I call it The Three Stages of Public Accounting Busy Season. Enjoy :)

I just recently finished recording a Clif Cast episode that should be posted on the Clif Bar website soon. I will be sure to post a link when available.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting me on this current mission, especially my wife and son who don't get to see me as much as we all would like! Please browse through my previous blog posts to read about some of my truly amazing adventures and click on over to my sponsor's websites!

See you on the trail soon and stay tuned!