Monday, May 31, 2010

May 29, 2010 "Footlong Run" with Erik Skaden and Mark Lantz

I know the name of our run might be a little confusing, but I will explain. No, we didn't just run one foot. At the beginning, Erik and Mark were talking about some other epic "Ice Cream Sandwich Runs" on some other blogs and decided that we needed something epic as well. Some early suggestions were: a "Snickers Run," "Twinkie Run," "Pizza Run," "Burrito Run," etc. until we had a craving for a foot long sandwich at Subway in Foresthill.

We started early in the day and began working our way up to Foresthill following the WS trail. Early into the run we decided to make it an epic "Subway Run," which eventually turned into the "Foot Long Run."

Once in Foresthill, we headed straight for the Subway. At this point we had run 32 miles and I was getting pretty hungry and a little low on energy. The $5 Foot long sandwich was sounding really good to me as I just wanted to scarf down anything and everything I could find. I bought a fountain drink and some salt and vinegar chips (my favorite) as well to complete the meal. I originally didn't plan to eat the whole foot long thinking it would be too much in my stomach to run the remaining 18 miles without puking or having problems. Erik ordered a fountain drink, chips, and a 6" sub. So me finishing the entire foot long, 2 fountain drinks, a bag of chips, and making it back to the cars 18 miles away with no problems was now a challenge. I accepted the challenge. We enjoyed our meals and continued on our way down the WS trail. Every once in a while Erik would remind me that I just stuffed my face and was curious how I was feeling. I was happy to say that I did just fine on the way back to our cars. There were a few hickups and a couple scares that something may be on it's way up, but nothing else. :)

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