Friday, June 10, 2011

Way Too Cool 50k March 12, 2011

Eric and Holly Johnson at Way Too Cool 50k

This was an exciting race as it was my first race for the year and Holly was only a week and a half from her due date with Baby Warren! I had been also battling a bad case of plantar fasciitis since New Years so this was also a painful race. I had made a deal with Holly that I could run the race as long as when I woke up that morning she was not in labor. The other part of my deal was that I had to run with my cell phone in my waist pack in case she did go into labor I would find the fastest way back to my car and get her to the hospital.

As a public accountant, this race is in the heart of busy season for me every year. At this time of year I always find it difficult to get in any quality training time. So, this race always ends up just being a training run for me as I try to loose the busy season weight and this year each step hurt with my plantar fasciitis.

I did the best I could and finished in 4 hrs and 59 minutes. I was 125th overall. Although this was not my PR for this race, I was very proud of my performance given my circumstances!

Eric Johnson at Way Too Cool 50k Finish

Eric Johnson at Way Too Cool 50k finish

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