Friday, June 24, 2016

2016 Western States 100 Mile Run, Ready or Not!!

Race day is here and I will be running the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run again. I want to post the link to the live event webcast now before I get busy with the last minute preparations and forget! We will start this Saturday at 5 AM PST. As we pass through the check points this webcast will be updated often so you can see my progress and anticipate when I may be passing through certain checkpoints if anyone is wanting to see me come through anywhere or the finish, etc. Holly will also have her phone and my phone, but reception may be shotty for her most of the day. Anyway my bib # is 205 this year and the link is: You can search by bib # or my name. Again, I am grateful for everyone that has helped me recover from my injuries to the point I am running again! I only have 2.5 months of training under my belt, so I am not physically 100% ready, but I am mentally ready and prepared to grind this out! Please give me a high 5, a shout, and a pat on the back if you see me out there! I will need your positive energy! Thank you!!!

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